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Monday, November 13, 2023

JP & Kat-Raio Rende Interview (Part 1): Creating Emmy-Winning Music

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My guests today are primetime music creators JP and Kathryn Raio-Rende, owners of Earworm Music Company in New York City. This is Part 1 of our interview, which is so full of nuggets I couldn't leave out, I decided to break it into two episodes for you. After watching, be sure and check out Part 2!

About JP and Kathryn Rende:

JP and Kat are extraordinarily experienced, successful and knowledgeable about writing, singing and producing for major market media. They also have a ton of live experience. This married duo's earliest major success was winning an Emmy for their song 'Friends With A Penguin', sung by Billy Porter and aired on Seseme Street. Since then, they've written and produced music for several top kids shows on major streaming networks including HBO, Disney+ and Netflix. But they also have had songs sung and recorded by Cardi B, Tori Kelly, Michael Buble’, The Jonas Brothers, Fifth Harmony, Ciara, Romeo Santos, Billy Porter and more. Enjoy listening as we trade stories and strategies, and learn some valuable insider tips for songwriting, studio production, and singing. You'll even hear us trade some marital advice for balancing family and music!
* Find the Rendes and Earworm Music: https://www.earwormny.com 
* Find their Emmy-winning Sesame Street song video: https://youtu.be/derxRN-ZkMI?si=IwjvK8Hn9RnyrZ2u 

Things We Discussed in Part 1

  • Who JP and Kat are, and what they've accomplished
  • First music JP and Kat made together 
  • Creating their company Earworm Music 
  • Why they transitioned from writing jingles to kids music 
  • Collaborating with other writers
  • Mentoring and giving new talent opportunities 
  • Transitioning and learning about gear and home studios 
  • The need to know current music business, current and classic music styles 
  • How focusing on one listener's heart affects what we write and record. 
  • Writing for kids about serious subjects for Sesame Street & Tab Time
  • Creating their Emmy-winning song 'Friends With A Penguin', sung by Billy Porter
  • Carving out family time (where no one's allowed to mention music!) 
  • How John (my husband) and I collaborate 
  • How to work for excellence vs perfection 
  • Thoughts on overtuning vs smart tuning 
  • We discuss charts, how to learn songs and the efficiency of the Nashville number system 
  • Kat explains 3 types of singers

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