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Monday, October 16, 2023

Personal Branding for Music Artists - Megan Gersch Interview

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To build a successful music career, you need to grow a following; a body of work is your prime artistic asset, but a fanbase is your prime business asset. One of the biggest challenges that artists face is in knowing how to leverage their personal brand. Your music may be amazing, but you aren’t effectively showcasing it and your brand to attract your ideal audience.

Megan Gersch is my interview guest today, and she’s going to share some strategies to help us stand out from the crowd instead of just blending in.

Things We Discussed

  • What is a personal brand for music? 
  • How Megan created her promotion career and landed her gig at Live Nation 
  • How to use visuals in branding to help attract the right fanbase 
  • Questions to help find your target audience 
  • How to research audiences and dive into social media channels to connect with ideal fans  
  • Other ways beyond social media to connect with and widen your audiences 
  • The need to create better 'freebies' 
  • Delivering more value to target audience 
  • Redefining the concept of 'selling' music 
  • How to create pieces of marketing content authentically and organically 
  • We discuss the value of blogging for artists, as long as it's not just AI 
  • Personal branding for joint ventures 
  • Megan talks about her free resources for music artists 
  • Megan's other services for helping artists with personal branding, including websites.

About Megan Gersch

Megan Gersch is a Web Designer and Branding Strategist. She works with music industry professionals and creative visionaries to help them stand out from their competitors with unique branding design, website design, and marketing strategy that converts. With over 16 years of experience, she has worked with some of the most well-known names in the entertainment industry (Netflix, Spaceland Presents, The Echo, Echoplex, Regent Theater, KCRW Radio, and Live Nation). She also cohosts the Your Sparkly Brand podcast, a show designed to empower entrepreneurs with the tips, tools and strategies needed to build their empires.

Your Sparkly Brand Podcast
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