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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

A New Approach To Manual Therapy for Voice: Walt Fritz Interview


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Join us for a fascinating discussion with Walt Fritz, a leading physical therapist who uses a unique, patient-involved approach in manual therapy. With his groundbreaking new book 'Manual Therapy for Voices... a Person-Centered Approach,' Walt emphasizes the importance of active patient participation in the healing process. 

More about Walt: 

US-based physical therapist Walt Fritz teaches a unique interpretation of manual therapy for speech-language pathologists, registered dental hygienists, voice professionals, massage, physio, and occupational therapists, osteopaths, and related communities. His gentle, non-manipulative, and interactive approach advances views of causation and impact from historical tissue-specific models into a multifactorial narrative, leaning heavily on biopsychosocial influences. His principles apply to a broad spectrum of intervention models using a model of evaluation and intervention that encourages equality between patient and clinician, utilizing shared decision-making rather than the biomedical clinician-as-expert approach. 

Unlike traditional laryngeal and soft tissue manipulation, Walt offers the clinician and patient a more subtle approach that gives the receiver more time to assess its influence and relevance. This approach is often better tolerated than aggressive, manipulative forms of treatment and aligns well with newer research findings, allowing the patient to frame the intervention from their preferences and values. Seeing the utility of manual therapy not as a standalone treatment but as an integral part of clinicians' more extensive work, Walt assimilates his approach into a wide range of treatment protocols. His work is equally appropriate for dysphagia, dysphonia, voice performance limitations, oral motor dysfunction, tongue-related concerns, breathing difficulties, and related disorders.

Walt presents his live, in-person workshops internationally through his Foundations in Manual Therapy Seminars, www.WaltFritz.com, offers of range of online learning opportunities, and his book is scheduled for release in March 2023 titled "Manual Therapy in Voice and Swallowing: A Person-Centered Approach," and maintains a physical therapy practice in Upstate, NY, USA.


* Walt Fritz website * "Manual Therapy for Voice and Swallowing" book (please note this is my affiliate link): https://amzn.to/47ffWFy (#ad)


Have you ever been treated by a manual therapist? What do you think about being more actively involved in your healing journey?

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