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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Douglas Smith Interview: Voltage Brothers to Mercy Club, Working Night Shift


Doug Smith traded the limelight to be a flashlight in dark places. Listen in to this beautiful story...

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Things we talked about:

  • How we know each other from MTM Records
  • His teenage beginnings as member of the R&B band 'the Voltage Brothers'
  • Lessons learned from opening for Earth Wind and Fire and other experiences
  • How Doug (aka 'Truth') and Paul Scott (aka 'Pjaye')began focusing on record production and songwriting
  • Working at the top of the ladder with artists such as Millie Jackson, P Funk, Van Hunt, Nikka Costa and Prince.
  • His decision to quit and follow his new calling to the ministry.
  • His work with the homeless and solving food insecurities.
  • Coming to understand with total acceptance and joy that he 'works the night-shift'.
  • Creating a new musical venture called 'Mercy Club'.
  • What he has going on right now (lots!!)

More about Douglas A Smith 

Doug was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He traveled the world as a performer before being called to the ministry. In 2012 he opened the doors to Grace Community Ministries whose purpose is to draw souls, cross multicultural lines, eliminate stigmas and form positive faith-inspired relationships. He lives in Rochester with his wife Cyndi and their young children.

Doug's Links:
  • Grace Community Mission Ministries: https://www.gcmmispeople.com/
  • Youtube ‘MercyClubVevo' - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX55Jtl5fx4d5HBvxQlkYlw
  • Mercy Club website -  https://mercyclub.org/home (purchase music and leave a donation!)

 Video for new single 'Don't Shoot':

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