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Monday, August 16, 2021

Deep Dive Into Performance Anxiety & Mindset - With Ingela Onstad of Courageous Artistry

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My interview with veteran classical artist and certified mental therapist Ingela Onstad is laced with so much helpful information that I couldn't edit it to be any shorter. Whether you want to conquer performance anxiety or you just want to get even deeper into the flow state when you perform, don't miss any of this interview!

Topics we cover include:

  • Ingela's journey and why she decided to add mental health therapist to her career as a renown classical vocalist.
  • How Ingela uses Maslow's famous 'hierarchy of needs' triangle to explore biological root causes of performance anxiety (fascinating!)
  • Ingela takes us on a deep dive into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses that act as gas and brake pedals for our brains.
  • Tools and daily rituals we can use to successfully cope with anxiety.
  • When and from whom should a performer seek professional help?
  • We talk about the 'acting technique' strategy of laser focusing on the one heart to focus sensory feelers into a singular purpose.
  • We discuss a famous TED talk by Amy Cuddy on body language and how the phenomenon 'act as if and ye shall be' is really a thing.
  • Ingela demonstrates a breathing exercise she uses to quell anxiety before performance. We talk about how singing the first song replicates this kind of breathing, and can relax a case of nerves for the rest of the performance set list.
  • Why it's toxic to us when someone asks if we're nervous before we go on stage!
  • Ingela talks about how the brain is hard-wired for negativity, and how we can counter that with realistic positivity that our brains can actually believe.
  • She explains the R.A.I.N. strategy for dealing with anxiety.
  • She tells us where we can find her and her services... www.courageousartistry.com

About Ingela Onstad:

Ingela is a classical soprano, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and mindset coach for performers.

Her coaching business, Courageous Artistry, supports performing artists in their quest to perform at the top of their abilities. She specializes in helping performers address fears that affect not only their careers, but also their well-being.

She has thousands of hours of clinical experience as a therapist and sees clients with a broad range of ages and issues. Ms. Onstad has presented on the topic of performance anxiety at institutions across the United States

In addition, Ms. Onstad is a soprano who has enjoyed a varied international career in opera, concert work, and contemporary music. Operatic highlights include performances throughout Germany, Canada, and the United States. She continues to maintain an active performing career.

Find out more about Ingela and connect with her at www.courageousartistry.com

What about you? What have you dealt with as far as mindset, anxiety or just unfocused brain in performance? Ingela and I would love to know if you try anything we talked about, and how it works for you! Let us know in the comments.


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