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Monday, May 17, 2021

Public Speaking Tips - Dave Bricker On 'Story Sailing'

Judy Rodman                                              Dave Bricker

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Public speaking careers include more than you might think. Whether you're an event speaker, business person, teacher, professor, minster, receptionist, waiter, TV or radio host or guest, or a music artist who speaks between songs and gives interviews – your speaking voice matter a ton. I spoke to veteran speaker coach Dave Bricker who generously shared some ninja tips that can increase the impact and value of our voices in all our talking roles. 

Some questions we explored:

  • You really focus on teaching the fine art of great storytelling. Why is it such an invaluable skill for any speaker? How do stories work?
  • How do you take an extraordinary experience like crossing an ocean on a wooden boat or 
  • What about a story that is NOT extraordinary? I guess we could make one up or super-embellish a story based on fact (like great songwriters and screenwriters do) but where do you draw the line at stories that are less than 100% true? Do you ever adapt a story to fit your audience?
  • What about actually voicing the story? I love the following refrigerator magnet-worthy phrases I found in one of your videos… talk to us about each of these…
    • Turn nervous into service
    • Rediscover the power of the… pause.
    • Focus on your listener instead of on yourself. Don’t use it as your own therapy session (testimonials that make others feel like failures).
  • Any other tips on telling the story in a more engaging way? How do you elicit interaction?
  • I find that creative people are often socially challenged introverts. When they are involved in their art or music, they can focus like a laser, but they are often boring speakers, especially in radio or TV interviews. How can even introverts improve? What skills do they need to learn?
  • What are some common mistakes that speakers make—both on the storytelling side and also the technical side?
  • Now that so many in-person events & gigs have been canceled, we are all having to communicate far more to our clients and our fans online. What are some tips you could share that we can use to connect more effectively and memorably on-screen with our audiences? How do you suggest we interact with our audience during virtual concerts?
  • Looking into the future, what do you envision as the “new normal” for the public speaking business? Are there opportunities to be found in the pandemic that we can continue to use?
  • Your books are available on Amazon. How can people get ahold of you? What are you doing to continue to offer value to your customers and clients? 

About Dave Bricker:

As a young man, Dave became inspired by the remarkable world travelers, squatters and dreamers he met in a sailboat anchorage known as Miami's “secret floating village", and their remarkable stories.

By his senior year in college, Dave was living aboard his own tiny sailboat. Soon after graduation, he set sail for the Bahamas with a locker full of food and dreams … and a whole $40 in his pocket.

He traveled up and down the Bahamas, up the east coast of the US to Chesapeake Bay, and across the Atlantic to Gibraltar. He ran aground, dealt with mechanical breakdowns, got seasick more than once, slept in a volcano, survived powerful storms, and returned to the land of clocks and calendars with what he’d gone in search of—stories of his own.

Today, as a speaker, trainer, and coach, Dave Bricker helps remarkable people tell remarkable stories—through writing, speaking, graphic design, video, technology, and music. If you want to say it, share it, or sell it, bring him your story; he’ll help you tell it.

Find Dave:

  • Website: StorySailing.com
  • Course: 52 Speaking Blunders 
  • Blog: https://storysailing.com/storysailing-blog
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/davebricker
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daveBricker

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