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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How Vocal Careers Can Succeed - Chat With Sue Painter

Sue Painter                                                             Judy Rodman    
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So, dear speaker or singer working on/in a vocal career... Who are you? Who could benefit from the sound and content of your voice? Answering questions like this can lead you to a successful - or more successful - vocal career. Come with me and my brilliant guest Sue Painter as we explore the murky waters of vocal brand clarity... and much more about taking care of business!

Some points covered:

  • Sue's journey of discovery
  • The importance of developing vocal career brand clarity
  • Increasing online visibility for what we do
  • How to engage in meaningful as opposed to time-wasting networking
  • The importance for creative artists of being self-sufficient and knowledgeable about business principles, and thinking like a CEO
  • Why we need at least 3 different streams of income.
  • How to use failure to succeed
  • Why business coaching can help with vocal careers

About Sue:

Sue Painter is a serial entrepreneur who has birthed highly successful businesses and partnered in successful joint ventures many times. She established, directed and grew programs for several organizations, some of which were award-winning and had an international reach. Sue has run organizations, built businesses, and trained extensively with many top coaches of the world. She knows exactly what it takes for self-employed business owners (like those with vocal careers) to grow a business that matches their dreams and how to keep that going through bad times (can you say pandemic?) and good.

In 2009, Sue was named one of Knoxville’s 10 Top Women of Wellness by Natural Alternatives Magazine for her intuitive work as a massage therapist who built a highly successful clinic. A mentor by nature, she founded The Confident Marketer in 2005. Since then, She has worked with hundreds of business owners helping them gain the planning, business basics, and mindset that keeps them focused and profitable as small business owners. She is also a former concert pianist, so she understands our world. Learn more about her extensive experience in business, and contact her at her website:

ConfidentMarketer.com https://confidentmarketer.com/

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