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Monday, February 1, 2021

Chat with Artist Mentor Laura Monaco-Martino

    Laura Monaco-Martino                                               Judy Rodman

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In my interviews for you here on All Things Vocal, I try to brainstorm with other professional-level music mentors who have proven the value of their advice from actual success in the music industry.  And so it is with my guest today, Laura Monaco-Martino. She is a creative entrepreneur, a veteran singer, empathic teacher and producer, successful songwriter AND... she is a new mom! She and I had a delightful chat about our work with our clients as well as our amazingly parallel journeys through this crazy business of music. Click the audio or find the podcast on your app to listen in!

Discussion points:       

  • Laura shares factors that contributed to her multifaceted, successful life and career.
  • We go into the value of experiential learning, entrepreneurship, and the value of what we’ve gained along the way.
  • We discuss how experiencing our own career struggles and personal anxiety help us help our students and recording clients, and how one must be willing to gather the courage to show vulnerability to be a great performer.
  • Laura and I talk about being an empath and how empathy factors in our teaching and making. We also talk about empath overwhelm (both teaching and performing) and the need for mentors to have mentors. Laura gives us a little of her emotional journey getting pregnant.     
  • We agreed on the importance of authenticity in the world where a career making music is uber competitive and perfection can result in sterile art.
  • We share stories about meeting husbands in music, and of creating our own music projects. 
  • Laura takes us into her three companies: ET Studio Productions (‘Emerging Talent’), ET Labz, with teachers Laura has trained to teach multiple creative fields with special needs kids, and TE music group (publishing, managing, etc)
  • Laura shares two big mistakes she sees young artists make.
  • Laura generously shares two of her songwriting exercises she gives her clients.

About Laura

Laura Monaco-Martino is an entrepreneur, music creator and mentor of singers and other creative people. With her career experience, her skills in writing, intuitive business acumen and understanding of creative psychology, Laura has developed three companies with her husband. Here again are the links:
In her early career, Laura shared the stage with artists such as Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and more. Her songs have had lots of media placement including “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “America’s Got Talent,” the “Hallmark Channel,” and Oxygen Network. She is certified from Berklee as a music business professional and vocal styles specialist. Laura’s clients have appeared on American Idol, The Voice, X Factor and America’s Got Talent, have toured the world and landed on major playlists (including getting millions of Spotify plays). She and her husband live and work in their studios in New York City (Staten Island) with their baby son. You can contact her at her websites listed above.

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