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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Music & Wellness In Anxious Times - Interview With Katie Zaccardi

Katie Zaccardi                                                       Judy Rodman

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I recorded this interview right in the middle of the insanely stressful year 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic creating danger to life and career PLUS massive civil unrest, the murder of George Floyd and others by rogue police, fires, floods, and an election with more issues at stake than any in my lifetime. I hope with all my heart that future listeners will see this time successfully settled with changes that create a much better world. But I can't think of a better time than right now to be interviewing Katie Zaccardi, who has made the journey from anxiety to wellness and now coaches others to do the same!

Topics we covered include:

  • The dangerous advice of requiring creatives to dedicate 100+ % of themselves to their artistry.
  • Katie's story of her own anxiety disorder and journey to healing
  • Understanding the counterproductive lies (addictions, eating disorders, depression, etc) that our creative brains act on so we can free ourselves.
  • Katie's yoga work and how it can benefit vocalists.
  • How to move from anxiety towards wellness, even during stressful reality such as the year 2020.
  • Katie's artistic metamorphosis into her unique counseling career and her new musical road.
  • The benefits for artists of balancing spending time along and in company with others.

About Katie Zaccardi

Katie Zaccardi is a songwriter, artist, music industry professional, and certified yoga instructor. Through her work in both music and wellness, along with her own experience with a generalized anxiety disorder, Katie discovered the urgent need for conversation surrounding mental health and self-care within the music industry. Realizing the need for honest discussions about mental and physical wellbeing, Katie established her company 'Out To Be'. Out To Be advocates a balanced path to personal and professional success that is grounded in wellness. At its core is the idea that what you set out to do, you turn out to be; that no matter where you begin, you make your own way to the most authentic you. The OutToBe Podcast invites listeners to engage with insightful dialogue on all things wellness and their relation to working in music. Through the Out To Be Coaching platform, Katie supports artists and professionals with a personalized approach centered on cultivating positive actions & attitudes.

Find Katie at...
https://pod.link/1456146541 (The 'Out to Be' Podcast)

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