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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Chat with Kevin McCarty, Cofounder of "We Should Write Sometime"

Kevin McCarty                                         Judy Rodman 

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According to Billboard Magazine, for songwriters, 
Finding that perfect cowriter is a lot like dating. Now, there's an app for that! 
Listen to my chat with Kevin McCarty to find out about a phone app for new and veteran songwriters who want to find new co-writers. Kevin and his co-founder Richard Casper have created a real game changer, available for iPhone and Android. It's called 'We Should Write Sometime'.

Topics we covered include:
  • Kevin explains what this app does.
  • How using this app for meeting new songwriters saves time and energy (you can cut way down on the bar and club hopping!)
  • How the app helps you investigate potential collaborators before reaching out to connect.
  • The development of the app (they developed it before Covid!) and how timely it is now.
  • How virtual co-writing can actually be better, safer, and freer for creating songs.
  • Ways this app can benefit not only new songwriters but also veteran pro writers who want to reach the new wave of artists as well as different collaborators for fresh fire.
  • The incognito aspect of using the app.
  • Where the app is live now (US, Canada, Australia and more to come).
  • Some of the added benefits of co-writing (instead of writing solo).
  • Things songwriters don't know about the business (PROs, licensing, publishing, etc) and how that information could be a future feature in the app.
  • Ways the app can be used safely and securely.
  • How to get on this app. By the way, it's free! Future premium tiers will be eventually be developed, but Kevin says they want to keep the highly functional basic version free.  
The website of the app:

The app icon

Bios of the co-founders:

Kevin McCarty - CEO & Co-Founder

· Originally from Cincinnati, OH - graduated from Miami University in 2006.
· Moved to Nashville in 2015 to get into the music tech industry to combine his two passions: music and tech.
· Tech Leader in Sales, Training, & Development "Intrepreneur" for a Fortune 500 company & Education Tech Company
· Advisor for TN Dept of Education - Marketing, Distribution, Entrepreneur and Logistics Industry
· Organizational Leadership Degree from Miami University (OH)
· Inflight Graduate from Nashville Entrepreneur Center
· Certified Sales Trainer
· Sales Consultant for local businesses in Nashville
· Co-Host on Nashville Hits Collecting Dust Podcast

Richard Casper – Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer

· From Bloomington, IL
· United States Marine Veteran, Purple Heart recipient, Artist, and Entrepreneur.
· Co-founder and executive director of CreatiVets,
· TIME’s Next Generation Leaders. Recognized by President George W. Bush and The Bush Institute for his passion and work helping disabled veterans.
· Keynote speaker
· Teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Southern California.

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