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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Audio Branding - Interview With Jodi Krangle

            Jodi Krangle                                              Judy Rodman

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Jodi Krangle's backstory up to the present moment is fascinating. She has been a voice actor since 2007 with clients from major global brands in a multitude of industries. But on her road uniquely traveled she has done everything from selling computers before computers were cool, diving into the internet and internet marketing very early on, becoming a singer/songwriter/performing/recording artist, developing an award-winning songwriter resource website called 'The Muse's Muse', and now has her own fascinating podcast called 'Audio Branding'. I asked her about all of this and more...


  • Did you set out to become a renaissance woman?  
  • Let's get right into the power of sound. You've really been researching and talking to thought leaders about this on your podcast. Take us into some of the ways sound vibrations work.
  • Some of our listeners may be interested in music therapy occupations. What have you learned about the power of sound for health, pain relief and healing?
  • Give us some examples of the power of sound to influence behavior, Why do you say it's the 'hidden gem of marketing'?
  • Take us into the world of voiceover. What do you like about it? What have been some challenges? What would you say to someone wanting to look into that career?
  • As we speak, the world has changed. Are you seeing vocal career opportunities change in the age of COVID-19? 
  • Besides a voice actor, you are also an accomplished singer and it looks like you've been working on your artistic definition! OK what is the Filk scene? That's a new one on me!
  • What do you do when your internet is down?
  • How important do you feel it is for career vocalists to have a community around them? 
  • Where can we find you, your podcast and your work?



Has this triggered some ideas about audio branding for you? Please comment... we'd love to know!


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