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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Heal Your Spirit, Find Your Voice - Interview with Life Coach Terry Smith

Dr. Terry Sanford Smith chilling out (probably humming a tune, too!)
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Have you ever wondered how to wade through all the voices out there to find your own? Terry Smith found his voice and became a healer. In this interview, he told me how he did it. Be prepared for a deep dive!

Founder & president of Coaching Life Matters based in Nashville, Terry Sanford Smith has a masters in counselling, masters of theology and a doctorate in personality, religion and culture from Boston University. His decades of service include years of teaching & counselling on the university campus in metropolitan Boston, and directing a counselling center and working at Harding University and the University of Memphis. 

As life coach, he worked people in India including people in alcoholic rehab and victims of the sex trade. He is slated to work with trauma victims in Israel this year. He and his wife Charlotte are special friends, and I’m proud to say he is also my vocal student. He truly believes, and has lived, ‘the impossible dream’. 

You can contact Terry for help and donate to his nonprofit at  www.coachinglifematters.com

Snippets from the interview:

  • Terry’s dysfunctional childhood & adolescence, deep questions, spiritual quest.
  • How he used singing to find joy, connect to his inner being, question what is real.
  • The power of gratitude.
  • This amazing man's experience with vocal lessons.
  • How Terry helps people learn to listen to their own voice and questions.
  • Terry's insight of three core beliefs that determine our actions: security & survival, protection & esteem (love), power & control. 
  • How finding the true voice (artistic definition) can help successful entertainers can avoid life sabotage.
  • Terry’s core method of life coaching is mapping people’s stories. His coaching initiates the healing power of understanding your own story.
  • The parts that education, process, discipline and decision play in healing and finding the true self and voice.
  •  How we act from the 12 year old inside who was wounded. How children are the best recorders and worst interpreters.
  •  95% of people’s counterproductive behavior comes from believing the lie that they are not worthy of love.
  • Be careful what you’re looking for (you’ll find it). Look for truth with an open mind. Look in your history for those who validated and affirmed you.
  • Authenticity draws the listener to songs and speeches.
  •  An illuminating conversation between Peter and Jesus.
  • The power of living out of knowing you are loved.
  • The impact of enlightened voices on others.

What about you? 

Terry and I would both love to hear your thoughts and experiences in finding your most authentic voice, and the part any aspect of your healing had to play. Please leave us a comment! 

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