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Friday, September 15, 2017

Career Tips for Female Artists - Interview With Bree Noble

Bree Noble
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For this post, I did an audio interview with Bree Noble… entrepreneur, musician, speaker, business coach and hit podcaster. Bree is a delightful, caring mentor whose advice all rings true to me, and comes from her years of professional success. Listen to the interview at the podcast audio link above to get insider tips for creating and growing a successful music business, with a focus on female artists. If you're a guy please feel free to eavesdrop:)

Subjects we covered include:

  • A look at Bree’s 2 popular podcasts
  • Music business issues that tend to be more woman-centric
  • How to deal with ‘female artists don’t sell’ mentality
  • Why women need to learn business skills
  • Fears that need to be conquered for music biz success 
  • How to create longevity in music careers
  • What is the same, and a change prediction for music marketing
  • How to submit music to Women of Substance Radio

About Bree:

Bree Noble is an entrepreneur, musician and speaker. She founded Women of Substance Radio, an online radio station that promotes quality female artists in all genres, in 2007. She launched the Women of Substance Music Podcast in November 2014, a 5 day per week show which promotes Independent female artists. Her podcast has hit #1 in New & Noteworthy for the Music, Arts and Society & Culture categories and #4 Audio Podcast on all of iTunes. She draws on her extensive experience running her own music business, both as a solo musician and as an industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians. Learn more about the station, the show and the artists at Bree also hosts a blog and second podcast and offers training at Female Entrepreneur Musician, which is about creating and growing music business careers. 

About YOU:

If you want to grow a great singing and/or speaking career, you need your best voice possible. For vocal training proven to maximize and protect studio and stage voice, get Power, Path and Performance vocal lessons and/or courses on disc. No matter what your financial means, I've created several options so you can get this training. It's 'chump change' if you truly mean business.

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