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Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day and the Voice

Tis the season for pots of gold, green bear and lucky charms! St. Patrick's Day has traditionally been a day for drinking oneself silly because of the exception the Catholic Church in Ireland makes in its Lent drinking prohibition for that one day. Yelling out-of-tune anthems from alcohol-dried/numb vocal cords sounds like a great way to lose your voice for a bit. Wanna celebrate a a little more sanely? Here are some suggestions:

Learn some Irish folk songs. Check out 'A Bard's Celtic Lyric Directory' just to read the lyrics.

Eat a lot of green! Go for the natural leafy kind, as in the traditional Irish meal of corn beef and cabbage. You might even try a green drink (fresh veg juice). Don't be surprised if you are offered green water in places like Chicago.

Wear green somewhere! Pinch anyone who is not wearing some green. It's only fair!

Play games like Pin the Tail on the Leprecaun. (That's better than pin the tail on the pitch:)

Sing, lead the crowd in Irish drinking songs while imbibing more non-alchoholic'/ concoctions than Long Island teas and  beers. Especially watch the Irish coffee... drying on two counts.

Bless someone the Irish way! Here's my Irish wish for you dear reader:
May the road rise up to meet you (not beat you!)
May the wind always be at your back (better gas mileage to your gig.)
May the sun shine warm upon your face (your throat relaxes with warmth.)
and rains fall soft upon your fields (as long as there's a tarp over your gear!)
and until we meet again (maybe at your next vocal lesson.)
May God hold you in the palm of His hand. (Always.)

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