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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Developing the Successful Artist: Interview with PCG Founder Bernard Porter

Bernard Porter of PCG 
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My audio interview for this post today is with Bernard Porter, who is the President and Founder of the PCG (Premier Career Guidance). We had a great discussion about everything that goes into artist development, and why knowing certain things and developing certain skills can be vitally important to launch and sustain a truly successful career, while becoming a more well rounded and happy human being in the process! Bernard shared his insights honed by over 30 years of rich experience the music industry and as a forward thinking entrepreneur. 

Subjects we covered include:

  • Areas typically missing in ‘artist development’ that can sabotage the successful breaking of new artists
  • Traits in a singer that turn Bernard off; signalling that singer may not ever succeed in the music industry.
  • Whether it is important for a singer to be a songwriter. 
  • The vital importance of an artist to be able to 'own' the stage with presence and performance skills.
  • The difference vocal training can make to a recording and performing artist.
  • The impact of persistence, dedication and even sacrifice required for the potential for the artist to succeed.
  • Ways even those without a lot of financial means can still find the money, heart, and effort to invest in training and preparing for a music career.
  • How PCG Artist Development works uniquely to grow artists in different dimensions, and what the byline of the company 'the science of artist development' means.
  • The brand new arm of the company that is offering training to everyone, even those who can't afford to enroll in the primary PCG program. (A little disclaimer… I am proud to be the author of PCG Online's vocal coaching courses, in the company of other instructors I highly respect authoring courses which include songwriting, auditioning, music theory, live performance. )
Links mentioned in this podcast include:

More on Bernard Porter and PCG Nashville:

PCG Nashville is recognized as America’s leading career/artist development organizations, working with established and new emerging artists. A successful business entrepreneur, Porter has spent his career developing and securing high profile joint ventures within both corporate and private sectors, guiding them in all phases of creative media, production, marketing and national product launches. In addition, he has served as an entertainment consultant to many record labels, broadband networks, major artists, large corporations, state tourism boards as well as to specialty venues, including the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Simon Mall properties, Dave & Busters and Marriott Hotels. Porter was instrumental in signing Superstar Jason Aldean to Broken Bow Records and has a long history of high level achievements. 

Note: I provide vocal coaching services for many PCG clients.

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