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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Speaking Voice Mistakes = Talking Trouble!

Have you assessed your speaking voice lately? Hmm... you could be missing one of the most important tools you have to impact your world... your ability to talk!

Here's how I define a successful speaking voice:
  • It communicates clearly, 
  • creates the desired response in the listener (at an emotional, not just surface, level)
  • and you can operate it without strain!
Here are some typical speaking voice mistakes:
  • Talking too fast (totally counterproductive to communication for many reasons)
  • Not pausing enough for breath, and for the listener to digest what you said
  • Projecting before resonating (sabotaging vocal tone and tiring the voice)
  • Yelling to capture attention instead of drawing the listener in
  • Habitually speaking 'on gravel' (vocal fry)
  • Speaking with too much breath
  • Pacing too much - moving without a reason
  • Monotone vocal delivery
  • Trying to speak over loud noise
  • Mumbling, using muddy articulation
  • Failing to invite response/engagement
  • Using wrong hand language
  • Using no hand language
  • Articulating to strangers or public as if to family/siblings who can finish your sentences
  • THINKING ABOUT communicating instead DOING it
  • Not speaking with eye language
  • Speaking with inauthentic vocal tone (too friendly when message is serious, too serious when message is friendly, etc)
  • Speaking with breath power centered too high
  • Articulating from the jaw
  • Using wrong body or facial language for the message (looks like lying!)
  • Speaking to all rather than to the one
Need (or know someone in need of) an assessment/ corrective lesson? Hit me up. I'm working with some of the top speakers in the world and it's a blast what even one lesson can do.

As always, your feedback on this subject is most welcome. Add to this list of talk trouble if you can!

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