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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Indie Radio Promotion...strategy & steps from Shantell Ogden

OK, raise your hand if you know how to promote a record to radio. Before I read a post I'll tell you about, my hand wasn't raised, either. As you might guess, it's more than just having some of your family call a few radio stations and request your new music.

Shantell Ogden is an Americana indie music artist. Her latest album "Better At Goodbye" was produced by John Willis (tracks) and me (her vocals). She's getting rave reviews; one DJ who is on it early said "it's better than 90% of the crap they get". It has a shot at serious radio ranking.

She is a marketing genius, and also has the win-win mentality I so respect. She asked me for my help with her radio campaign. I am excited to tell you she agreed to write a blogpost about the successful steps she uses to get her records played on radio. What a gift!

So indie artists...
  1. For your own music success, go read her very informative blogpost Hello Radio: DIY Promotion in 7 Steps...
  2. then help her out by returning the favor: Call a radio station (the list is in her post) and request they play one of her songs (I'd suggest the title song "Better At Goodbye") . This will mean a ton to her.
What do YOU know about successfully promoting a record at radio?  Share something helpful to us all... and let us know what radio station we can call for YOU.

It takes a village to have a hit... don't you love that?

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