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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gift Suggestions For Singers, Songwriters, Speakers 2013

what is it... what is it...  what is it?!

As winter songs begin to wind down ... Tis the season to giving! For the singers, and speakers and songwriters on your list... check out the following Christmas and holiday gift suggestions:

$25 and under

$25 - 50

  • A stand for music, mic or instrument
  • A box set of their favorite TV show (for down time on the tour bus)
  • Music book... vocal manuscripts, charts, lyrics
  • iPad stand holder
  • Tickets to a concert! There's nothing like seeing someone else's great live show to inspire!
  • Hearphones
  • Case of H2O Overdrive or Hydrate formula (great hydration solution for studio and stage singers)
  • Video course "Help, My Kid's a Musician!" (note: I am an affiliate of IC)
  • 1/2 hour vocal lesson with me, in office or via Skype
  • Thumb drive (all sizes avail, for backing up or traveling with music)

$50 - 200

  • Ukulele
  • Membership in NSAI
  • Membership in AFM (Musician's Union) or SAG/AFTRA (singer/actor union)
  • Masterwriter software (for songwriters)
  • New smartphone (for SO many reasons:)
  • A series with a personal trainer or gym membership  (singers need strong cores!)
  • Singing In The Studio multimedia course
  • Dance or acting lessons... Google classes and prices in your area, get recommendations.
  • Luggage or backpack
  • Live performance coaching
  • A microphone (from inexpensive Shure 58 to more expensive live or recording mics )
  • Mp3 player (other than iPod is cheaper)
  • A digital camera or camcorder
  • A turntable (LP vinyl player) 
  • Laptop - a Mac is always great for music and graphics programs
  • Headphones (all prices avail)
  • Full 6-CD Power, Path and Performance vocal training course
  • A gig bag for guitar, etc.
  • iPad (for SO many reasons, including gig charts/lyrics and recording)
  • One or two hours of vocal lessons with me in office or via Skype 
  • Portable CD player

$200 up (some WAYup)...

  • Zoom digital recorder
  • A smart phone data package
  • A new artist website
  • In-ear monitors
  • Stage clothes or jewelry
  • iPod and/or accessories 
  • Wireless mic system
  • A photo session
  • CD graphics design
  • Portable CD player
  • A demo recording project
  • A master recording project
  • A video
  • An instrument.. guitar, keyboard, mandolin, violin, etc
  • New road cases
  • A series of instrument lessons
  • PCG artist development program (note: I teach voice for PCG)
  • Home recording gear
  • PA system
Gifts of Your time/expertise - let your loved voice unwrap your promise to...
  • Do song charts for them.
  • Set up a Facebook or Twitter or Reverb Nation or Google+ page for them.
  • Edit their video -- (or use whatever skill set you have to help market or promote them).
  • Write a song for them (priceless).
  • Commit to a number of hours of computer work... updating databases, uploading videos and pictures, social network friending, etc.
  • Work the door for them at a gig.
  • If you have home recording gear, record a song demo or worktape on them.
  • Listen to their presentation/speech or new song and give feedback.
  • Give them a day of complete voice rest! Do the talking for them.
  • Babysit or dog sit while they go to a show (their own or someone else's).
  • Type/organize their lyrics/charts/set lists, etc. 

Also... don't overlook charity giving in your loved one's name, or make a memory spending some time together working a soup kitchen, caroling, volunteering for a food drive or meals on wheels!

Anybody else have suggestions? What would light up your singer/speaker's face? Please share!

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  • At November 4, 2013 at 7:21 AM , Anonymous Melanie Rodden said...

    This is a fantastic (and useful) list, especially the gift of self section. I learned a lot just reading you ideas. Thank you, thank you.
    And for all the blogs.


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