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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PPP Vocal Training Method Endorsed by Acting Director Darren J. Butler

Cast of the Butler/Rodman musical "We The People" using PPP Vocal Technique 

I just got a wonderful surprise in my email... my co-writing partner in the musicals "Runaway Home" and "We The People" sent this glowing endorsement of my vocal training method. It is all the more precious to me because it is based on the real-world, practical experience Darren has had with actors whose well-being and success I know he deeply cares about. Me too:) Here's Darren...
“The POWER of Power, Path and Performance”
by Darren J. Butler

In the early spring of 2006, my theatre company sponsored a vocal workshop for young people and adults. I went into this kicking and screaming. Our plate was so full, I didn’t see any way we could afford to take a day out of our schedule on a Saturday to do this workshop. It had nothing to do with ego. I knew our actors and actresses needed help with their voices, but my assembly line of shows for the season was kicking me in the tail. Finally, I gave in and scheduled the workshop.

About fifteen minutes into the workshop, I was wanted to go outside and horsewhip myself. My gut told me this woman was about to change everything...for the better. Little did I know at that time, it wouldn’t be for the better; it would be off the chart amazing.

Judy Rodman’s Power, Path, and Performance is an incredible vocal toolbox that empowers singers to reach their potential. Period. To my good fortune, Judy trained me in the method and allowed me to pass along her knowledge to my vocal students. Instantly, I saw results. Students with nasal qualities to their tone experienced a vocal make-over. All nasty, nasal qualities vanished with a posture correction and “wall work” as Judy refers to it. Students who experienced tired voices or pain in their throat quickly found a path of strength and pain free singing.

Seven years later, there is a long list of students whose lives have been altered by utilizing Judy’s method. Many of them have had the great privilege to work with her one on one. She has this incredible ability to diagnose vocal problems and show students how to fix them. These are not quick fixes; they are answers to improving a student’s voice for the long haul.

As a result, I have students writing songs, creating CD’s, and performing for audiences. They have the tools they need as well as the confidence to pursue their dreams. As a vocal coach, I see my role as “a passer on of the concept.” With an extensive musical theatre background as a director and performer, I bring unique tools to a vocal session. I pass along the Judy concept for the power and the path, and I use my background to focus on the performance.

Last summer I directed The Wizard of Oz. I directed the show and played musical director. I taught the entire cast how to implement Power, Path, and Performance into the show. It definitely raised the show to a new level, but there were underlying waves I had no clue about. Two young ladies in the chorus took the training to heart. A couple of months ago, they opened for a band at a local theatre, and my family and I attended. Katie and Lindsay Konig, fourteen year old twins, took the audience by storm. My jaw dropped. They were up there “pulling” and using Judy’s method every step of the way. No lessons. No formal training. Simply using what I had taught them during music rehearsal for Oz.

The bottom line - there are probably hundreds of methods in the world. I would hate to even think about how many hits one would receive if you Goggled the topic. But, if you’re looking for a tool to provide a singer with consistent vocal training and stability, you cannot go wrong with Power, Path, and Performance.

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