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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year Resolutions for Voices

...next year ???...

I love the end of the year time. It's a time when I can stop, be grateful for the good of last 12 months, breathe deeply, spend time with friends and family, re-assess where I am and where I want to go and yes... make resolutions! Why do I find them helpful? Because with my personality, I find that intending something helps me actually do it. Here are some New Year Resolutions for my voice and for yours. I may or may not keep all of them, but just writing them down registers somewhere important in my brain that has to do with acting on them! Here goes...
 I need to practice what I preach!   
  • Manage time better 
I will eliminate some activities and schedule sane, do-able daily, weekly, monthly tasks that reflect my real priorities. I will make time to plan for success at what I want to accomplish.
  • Write and co-write some really great songs 
I will dig a little deeper in the well. 
This is also how I discover more of what works for others and makes my vocal coaching more effective, so in doing I am better at teaching.
  • Take better care of myself. 
I intend to eat better food more regularly, get more wise physical exercise in, find more time to daydream, get outside more, get new sleep-friendly pillows for our bed.
  • Take regular time off 
I recently checked my pulse and found... I'm human! I need to get back to starting the day in silence, prayers for discernment, reflection. I am longing for more time with family and friends. I also need to do nothing a lot more!
  • Learn something new every day ... Do something new regularly
I want to discover new things about the voice, piano, guitar, performance, music marketing, art, health, making tabouli, aquariums,  my friends and family, myself, etc. Create music I've never made before.
 Too much music can a dull, numb, lonely musician make. I find I need to both teach and perform, create and record, watch great movies and read a book, hang out with musicians and people with no musical backgrounds or interests, play putt putt and do a little Kung Fu.
I believe the art should drive the business rather than the other way around. I will be more personally fulfilled and more useful to others if I go for more excellence and less mediocrity in everything I do.
  • To play a gig in the venue pictured on top of this post
...and I wish the same for you!

So dear voice... what about you? As you watch the midnight ball descend in Times Square Dec 31st or play your New Year gig, what are you intending to do differently beginning the next morning?

And happy New Year to us all!! 

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

26 Gifts for Voices You Love

It's that time again! Have you finished your shopping yet? Here is a list of Christmas and holiday gift suggestions for the voices (singers and speakers) you love:
  • A case of H2O Overdrive - super hydration for studio and stage.
  • A pitch pipe for acapella singing  (and/or... a tuner for guitar).
  • Singing In The Studio - Multi-media DVD of serious professional training for anyone going in to the studio to record vocals.
  • A music stand - the link goes to 77 different types, some quite creative.
  • A microphone and/or mic stand - a "boom stand" is useful for rehearsing with an instrument and for practicing studio vocal technique.
  • Vocal training on CD - two packages of Power, Path and Performance (comprehensive professional method of vocal technique proven best for studio and stage.
  •  A concert ticket - there's nothing like 'being there!'
  • A new CD of their favorite artist or an iTunes gift card  - useful when you don't know what music they are into at the moment.
  • A warm air humidifier
  • A massage - full body or just shoulder. Fantastic to relax tension and free the voice.
  • A chiropractic visit. My fav is at the link; or find out who your vocalist regularly goes to and give a visit there.
  • A natural health practitioner nutritional assessment visit. Again... my fav is at the link, but there are many others you can choose from. The voice needs the body to be healthy.
  • Hearfones - an amazing vocal training gadget that helps a voice hear itself much more accurately. Highly useful to improving vocal tone, articulation, intensity, balancing breath pressure, and more.
  • A new guitar strap, tuner, strings or pick holder.
  • New speakers for mp3 players - many are made to accommodate iPods as well as other brand of players
  • A gym membership - yep, voices need bodies!
  • Masterwriter - creative writing software for songwriters 
  • A new scarf - the singer's neck needs protection! I have a box full myself.
  •  A new website - check with techs who know how to market music, not just any business.
OK, this is by no means an exhaustive list. But hopefully this will get you thinking creatively. What gift are YOU giving your favorite singer or speaker? Help fill out this list!

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