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Thursday, August 16, 2012

When the Songwriter is a Minor

(Note that I said a minor... not a miner.) If the songwriter is under (minor) age, and wishes to sign up at a performing rights organization (PRO) such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc, there is a step which must be taken first. According to a client of mine who just went through this process for her daughters;
If the songwriter is a minor, their parents/guardians will need to set up an UTMA account at the bank where the parent/guardian is the Custodian.   This verbiage was received from BMI:  "Some common custodial/trust accounts are called Blocked Coogan Accounts, UTMA accounts, and UGMA accounts. Your bank should be able to provide more information regarding setting up this type of account.”
This mom said the process is really simple, and free. And yes... if your child is a songwriter who has professionally recorded material, you really should ensure they are signed up with a PRO that can collect and distribute any performance moneys their songs might make.

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