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Friday, March 30, 2012

Voice Fried, But Band Rehearsal Beckons?

I had a real-world wakeup about needing to know how to get a voice that feels fried in shape for a long band rehearsal....because this time the voice was mine!

This Nashville spring is full of pollen and other allergens, even more than usual this year. My schedule has been slamming with vocal lessons, studio production, etc. The day of rehearsal, I gave several vocal lessons starting 9am, drove to the studio and did a few hours of vocal production, drove back, gave more vocal lessons, and with the hours of intense work added to the spring air quality load, my voice was most certainly feeling a certain amount of FEAR.

Even yours truly doesn't want to sound bad at her band rehearsal. But thankfully, I did it... by the 6 o'clock start time I was so much better and my voice felt better after the long, strong rehearsal than it did before. Since I am all about what works in practical experience, I'll share what worked for me to you.
  1. I got some sleep the night before. I went to bed a couple hours earlier than usual, after soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts.
  2. I drank water like a fish all day. I love my big glass decanter for water that I bring with me to the studio and gigs.
  3. I got some great nutrition. I drank a great energy drink for breakfast: fresh vegetable juice plus a potent new vegan protein powder called Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer. Then I actually took time to eat lunch (meaning I grabbed a protein packed Schlotskys turkey sandwich and ate it on the way to the studio).
  4. I was very careful with my speaking voice. Even sitting at the console producing the fantastic Maria Sarah 's vocals as part of the team with producer Roger Ryan I made sure to sit so my ribcage stayed wide, supported my voice from my seat, used my eyes and pulled my voice from my mask instead of my mouth. 
  5. I didn't eat any junk. As a nutritional hypocrite I have been known to eat junk in the studio... which really steals energy. Duh.
  6. I rested my voice for an hour after my last lesson.
  7. I drank H2O Overdrive during the rehearsal for extra hydration.
  8. I warmed up and used Power, Path and Performance vocal technique for the whole rehearsal, which allowed me to sing my rangy songs without straining my voice!
Using wisdom and preparation works for the voice, folks, it really does. Anybody else like to share what works for you?

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