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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring: Pre-Production Time!

I know it's just the end of January, but spring will be upon us before we know it. Pre-production time is NOW for spring recording projects. Meetings with producer prospective production teams, songwriting and song-gathering, as well as physical, mental and financial wellness activities. If, that is, you want this to be the artistically best and most cost-effective production you can do! 
Find out if you're really ready to record. Do your homework by choosing a great production team who can get your project done within your budget. 
Also, have a plan to promote and market your project. This will almost always include playing live... booking gigs. It has always been, and still is the case, that the best way to gain a following is to play for them in ever widening concentric circles. Find a 'base' and branch out from there.
Pre-production readiness will make the difference in the quality, the reach and the success of your recording project. Informed is empowered. And now is the time.

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