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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Ideas for Singers, Songwriters, Musicians and Speakers 2011

For those who find this old post: I strongly suggest you go to my UPDATED gift list at a much later post.

Here is the old post, but disclaimer: some of the links may now not work:

I don't know about you, but the recent advertisements for Black Friday shopping (having to compete with  Black Friday Ninjas?!!) leaves me... well... afraid! I decided to stay home, play with my husband and dog and cook a chicken... (go ahead, call me chicken).

For those of you who, like me, have not yet completed your Christmas and holiday shopping, here's my annual list of suggestions for the vocalist or speaker you love (feel free, of course, to send hints from this list to those who love YOU:) and yes, I am shamelessly including some of my goodies in here. OK here we go...

Gifts $25 and under:
 Gifts $25 - $50:
  • A set of Hearfones
  • 1/2 hour vocal lesson with me (personally, phone or Skype)
  • A gift card for iTunes
  • Tickets to a writer's night, fav artist's concert, symphony, ballet, musical, play, art museum or other creative event. Great for inspiration!
  • A tune up or oil change from a trusted mechanic to get to the gig
  • A music stand
  • Dinner out, listening to someone else play for a change!
Gifts $50 - $150:
Gifts over $150:
  • Karaoke system (I used a VocoPro system recently during a vocal seminar I gave in Florida, and was impressed with it for the price)
  • A series of vocal lessons (contact me for a gift certificate)
  • Speaker docks for mp3 players or other gear
  • Membership with NSAI
  • Dance, guitar, piano or other lessons (search Google for classes and rates in your area)
  • A couple of hours of Performance coaching for your live show
  • A new instrument
  • Masterwriter songwriter's software
Gifts way over that...
Gifts that keep on giving: 
  • A donation to a charity in honor of the giftee.
  • Time... quality and quantity, with your loved ones

Again... Please visit my updated gift list for current links and more suggestions. 

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