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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Ideas for Singers, Songwriters, Musicians and Speakers 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Vocal Health from the Chinese Medicine Point of View

As you probably know from reading what I write, I believe in an integrated approach for maintaining health... and that goes for vocal health, too. If not for medical doctors, yours truly wouldn't be here to write this post! If in doubt, get checked out by a medical professional.

That said, there are alternative therapies that I and other singers have used through the years that made very significant differences in health in ways unknown to mainstream medicine. There are of course many types of alternative medicine practices. Here is a link to a quite detailed article on Chinese medicine point of view. I thank my friends at Superior Vocal Health for pointing me to this information.

Disclaimer... I have not used most of these remedies; this is for your information if you're interested in checking it out. Here's the link (and do let us all know if you use or have used any of these remedies and what your results were):

Vocal Health from the Chinese Medicine Point of View

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Can Singers Do About Allergies?

I got a great question about allergies through my Facebook page (and if you're on FB, pls join me there!)

Rita asked about warding off allergies before a singing engagement. Of course it's best to deal with the allergens before they can trip the inflammation trigger. Here are some tips I've found helpful:

[Medical disclaimer... I am most decidedly not a doctor. This blogpost is purely for your information; always consult with a medical professional for treatment of medical issues. You may have a condition that requires more than you think. ]
  • #1 is to avoid contact with what you're most allergic to, of course. Check your living environment for mold, dust, pet and other things that could be triggering your symptoms. Get hypoallergenic bedding, etc.
  • #2 is to drink copious amounts of water. Among many other things, this keeps the mucous membranes more healthy and safe and able to fight off pathogens and deal with irritants.
  • I like the Neti Pot approach (wash em out!). Check out this review on saline irrigation from Web MD
  • Consider alternative health remedies and therapies. 
  • Eat healthy. Your body can deal with allergens much better if you are not already on toxic overload from your diet.
  • Keep looking for information. Get my 5 pg report on "Vocal Health" by signing up to my newsletter if you haven't already for lots more suggestions. Consider a consult with an alternative medical professional (a natural health practitioner or doctor of naturopathy, etc) My own source for this is Lynne Lavers at OHM in Nashville.
OK... anybody else got suggestions? And remember.. this is all heresay stuff; some things work for some and not others. When in the slightest doubt, consult a doc.

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