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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Minute Vocal Performance? How To Get Ready

I got a call yesterday to do fill in for a last minute vocal performance on a TV show (Nashville Late Night with Chris Golden). I'd had to travel out of town on the weekend and had given two vocal seminars yesterday... had been up since 5:30am. For me, usually all that would leave me too energy drained to do an important vocal performance well. Here's how I got through:

I ate a good lunch! (I often do not... what a difference a little protein can make and man was I lucky I'd done it before they called that afternoon).

Vocal technique:
I had used my PPP vocal training method with my speaking voice all day. This way, I actually had exercised my voice instead of trashing it. Lucky!

I hydrated like crazy... used the H2O Overdrive product that I find very helpful.

Positive Attitude:
I had a good suggestion offered to me by my brother Billy Devereaux, who said that I need to just know and believe that I could do it. Amazing how psychology can have a huge part in what we are capable of accomplishing... thanks, bro! (My husband seconded you).

Quick Rehearsal:
I did a vocal warmup and before I left the house, I sang the song I'd chosen to know I could hit the highs.   That helped immensely with the 'believing I could do it' part!

Angel Friend:
I was blessed with a fellow recording artist (Lyndsey Davis of "Summertown") who happens to be an expert in cosmetics and did my makeup and hair. With only a couple of hours to gather myself, choose songs and send pics and get tracks, I will never forget the kindness of some help... and she knew how to minimize bags under the eyes (ok it's a girl thing maybe?).

Any of you have experience with quick-readiness for unexpected gigs? Share!

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  • At July 8, 2011 at 12:11 AM , Anonymous Kim Rushing said...

    hi judy
    i keep my set lists on my computer
    so that i can quickly print out appropriate set lists!

    I have folders w/ my charts for my various bands; tho I do need to
    get in there and put them in order w/ the set lists
    (sometimes the set lists are still in the folders)

    also: for hydration i LOVE coconut water that
    is now available at the markets like whole foods, etc.

    best regards

  • At July 8, 2011 at 12:12 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Hey me too, Kim! I keep set lists for various kinds of gigs on my hard drive... really comes in handy, but I keep adding newly written songs, too - love to try them out on an audience:)

  • At August 5, 2011 at 2:46 PM , Blogger Perpetual Beginner said...

    Catching up after most of a summer out of town...

    I think it's the difference in what I do in my singing life, but most of my "last minute gigs" are a lot more last minute than that.

    Like having to do a Christmas offertory solo because the people who were supposed to do it didn't show. I had about 20 minutes warning and no chance to rehearse or warm-up at all. Oh - and a capella.

    Usually I'll only have to do one piece, but the conditions I might have to do it can be anything from an incense filled church to under a tent in a rainstorm.

    I keep a running list of active repertoire - songs I can sing under any conditions, and that are fairly broadly acceptable. Generally they're not the most interesting or challenging, but I've always got something that works.

  • At August 5, 2011 at 6:39 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Perpetual Beginner... first of all, I LOVE your moniker... I feel like that, too. Always learning, always open for something else useful to add to the singer's kit! Sounds like you're not quite the beginner, though:) Thx for the thoughts!


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