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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Performance Preparation Routine

I have a gig this weekend... Just 4 song, but I want every performance to be full of magic musical moments where my audience is carted away to where each songs take place. I must do more performance preparation than when I used to perform regularly.. and I thought you might it helpful.

A few days before:
  1. I stop eating hardly any junk food (OK, confession...I'm a nutritional hypocrite).
  2. I up my physical exercise routine.
  3. I up my consumption of water and of healthy foods such as fruits, veggies & lean protiens
  4. I start intensive vocal exercise warmups and practicing songs (1 hr per day or more)
  5. I get enough sleep (for me, 7 or 8 hours) and avoid late night work.
Day before:
  1. I continue above 5 steps.
  2. I double-check gig details (gig location, time of soundcheck & show, people I particularly wanted to invite.
  3. I figure out what I'm wearing. Stressing out the day of can zap energy.
  4. I double-check my schedule to see that I haven't loaded my performance day down with appointments or other work. Sometimes I will cancel something.
Day of:
  1. Again I do physical warmup, eat smart and hydrate fully.
  2. I warm up and practice the show once.
  3. I check any equipment (keyboard, cords, etc) and music/lyrics that I need to bring.
  4. I try to have enough time not to rush getting ready so I stay in a center of peace.
  5. I get to the gig with 'chill out' time to spare; I minimize talking til my performance is over.
Do I do the above every time? No. Just every time I really care about doing my best and having the most fun:) Great singing requires energy, centeredness and preparation (oh, and of course great material to communicate!)

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