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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold Weather Tips For Voices

Tiz the season to be freezin! And yet... our voices still need to do their jobs. Here are some things you can do to keep your voice happy:

1. Warm up! And I'm not just talking sweaters and coats... don't neglect warming up your voice, just like you would your muscles for any other physical exertion, before your performances or speeches.

2. Keep the vocal container protected! Wear a scarf and/or turtlenecks to keep your throat warm. I have a whole bunch of scarves from which I pick every time I go outdoors in winter. Windy days and cold night air can be vocal terrorists.

3. Hydrate! Just because you aren't sweating a lot doesn't mean your body and voice aren't dehydrating. Drink water and watery combinations just like you do in summer. The artificial heat really takes it out of you.
  • Consider a humidifier... you can get a very cheap one and use it at least during the night. Hotels often have humidifiers available... ask at the front desk.
  • Remember that cars, bus and airplane air is DRY. When you get to your destination, take a hot shower or bath and breathe in the steam. 
4. Get pro health counseling! Find and keep supplements handy for when you feel a bug coming on. They work much better if you catch an infection at it's onset. My chiropractor, Dr. Dwaine Allison, is now using several new technologies to help, and I get tested at the office of my natural health practitioner Lynne Lavers at least a couple of times a year to fine tune the supplements I take. I also am very lucky to have two brother-in-laws (Dr. James Hubbard- who publishes My Family Doctor Magazine, and Dr. Charlie Ferguson -who owns Florence Al's Med Plus Clinic) who are doctors and a sister who is a nurse practitioner (Becky Ferguson)... and believe me I go to them when I need to!

5. Do something physical! It's so tempting to bundle up on the couch or at the computer and not move our bodies when we don't get outside as much. Find a regular physical exercise routine and DO IT.

6. Eat well! ...Especially plenty of lightly prepared or raw fruits and veggies, and lean plant and animal proteins. I drink a 'fresh juice' green drink every morning. Heavy meals take too much energy to digest... and undigested food builds up toxins in your body that can make it easier to fall prey to the microorganisms voices fear.

7. Understand the difference between a sore throat and laryngitis. If it hurts at your vocal cords when you speak or sing, try to go on voice rest as much as possible. If it's your throat tissue, try gargles, neti pot and other soothing solutions. And still watch for the throat pain to become vocal pain.

9. Get more... Lots more tips on vocal health in my 5 page report, available if you sign up for my newsletter. If you are already on the newsletter but didn't get this report, let me know.

If you have any tips for winter weather and voices, please share in the comments below this post online. Thanks!

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  • At December 15, 2010 at 4:03 PM , Anonymous JH said...

    Fantastic tips all, Judy.
    People forget how dry it gets in the winter, especially with our indoor heat. I recommend a humidifier to almost all with respirator problems out here in the Mountain West.
    Many people who try neti pots for sinus troubles are sold on their effectiveness.


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