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Friday, June 18, 2010

For Your Vocal Stamina, Physically Train Your Core

It's morning and I'm looking at a physical training session in my schedule today. Why do I do this to myself? Partly for my VOICE!

My recommendation to all singers and speakers is that you do some physical activity which strengthens your body's core muscles. Without this strength, you cannot apply enough breath support and breath control to your voice to have it work optimally.

Health, weight contrrol, bone building, mental clarity and endorphin release that makes you feel so great... all these are fabulous side effects of regular physical training. (Only a vocalist would put it that way:) I'm very busy, but the truth is that I have a physical body that my voice cannot do without.

Find a trainer who understands the special precautions needed by someone who values their voice. For instance:
  • no grabbing at the glottis (vocally straining or grunting)
  • very careful not to strain neck and shoulder muscles. Strengthening is great, but not straining.
  • also careful not to overtrain and tighten those muscles with too much weight lifting.
  • concentrates (which most would) on core torso strengthening and flexibility (stretching).
My personal trainer is also a singer. I am absolutely thrilled with the expert, intuitive and creative approach he takes to personal training. If you're in Nashville, you may wish to contact him about his training. Oh... and do go hear him sing, too!

His name is Ricky Harris. Email him at ricky@rickyharris.com.

To those of you who are in my newsletter database... thanks so much for your efforts to get news out of the bioremediation solution to the Gulf oil spill crisis. There is ongoing progress ... please pray for the ok soon! xoxo Judy

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