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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PPP Vocal Technique: When Pulling Back, Don't Lift Your Chin

In my role as your vocal coach today, I'd like to clarify something I teach about head position that people often get wrong when first trying it. My vocal students know that I advise pulling the head back slightly when singing or speaking. Let me be more specific:
  • Don't lift your chin! Float your chin levelly when singing or speaking.
  • Don't pull your head straight back!
  • Do pull your head back slightly to the side, cocking your head at a small tilt as you do.
  • Do lift your head by lengthening your spine, which carries your head up.
  • Do balance your head over your tailbone. This is farther back than most people carry their heads.
  • But...don't bend your head back in such a way that something you were carrying on your head would fall backwards. In fact, practice by putting something on your head as you sing or speak. It should ride along, not falling forwards or backwards.
  • Do use your lyric to pull ... not push ... your voice out.
Hope these clarification tips help you!

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