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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Musicians and Lizard Brains: Why We Get Stuck

I just read an eye-opening post from Seth Godin explaining how the amygdala, a prehistoric lump of brain tissue near the brain stem which he labels "lizard brain", may be responsible for our irrational behaviour. (Talk about a disclaimer..."My lizard brain made me do it!")

Seth says it is responsible for fear, rage and reproductive drive. Its predominant fear factor hates change and forward movement and the unknown... all essentials for creating unique, moving and courageous new music and getting a music career going. It wants to be safe, to fit in, to sabotage and stifle the urge to make any brave moves.

Lizard brain in control: 

You swear you want to have a music career. But instead of studying materials on music business, marketing and promotion you whine about the fact that you don't have a buying audience big enough to recoup your expenses.

You say you are committed to growing your music skills. But instead of practicing or taking lessons on guitar/piano, stage work, voice or film scoring, you buy a new pair of boots, roller blades or a lobster dinner and when you get home from the dinner/movie/shopping/rollerblading, you're too tired to practice anyway.

You intend to write songs that will rock the world. But instead of scheduling some private time with your keys/guitar, thoughts, pencil and pad, you surf the internet (ouch that hurt!) or watch the 4th re-run of NCIS (that REALLY hurt!!)

We need to follow Seth's advice. The lizard brain will accompany us in our time on earth, but we can tell it to be quiet, we are listening to something else right now. My adage is "act as if, and ye shall be". I also like Yoda's "...there is no try. Only do."

btw...One finger's pointing at you, four are pointing back at me:)

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