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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Songwriting Workshop from Rand Bishop

Breaking news... If you are interested in songwriting workshops worth your time, there's a good one I just learned about from Vinny Ribas. Here's the email he sent me:
Indie Connect is proud to present: "12 Choices to Solid Song Craft, An Interactive Workshop", conducted by Grammy Nominated, BMI-award winning tune-smith, Rand Bishop.
Bishop has well over 200 cuts to his credit in a wide range of genres, "from bluegrass to heavy metal," including the 5-week #1, My List, recorded by Toby Keith, country radio's most-played song of 2002. Bishop is the author of the hit songwriting memoir, Makin' Stuff Up, secrets of song-craft and survival in the music-biz.  
The workshop will begin with Bishop filling attendees in on the 12 most essential choices to constructing a solidly crafted pop song. Attendees will then break up into co-writing teams to collaborate on these 12 choices. Bishop will circulate, coaching each team, and guiding them through their process. Finally the group will come together to discuss and evaluate each team's choices and brainstorm suggestions on how to improve them.
Saturday, Dec. 5
10 AM - 3 PM
Bongo Java
Registration: $40 (lunch not included).
Indie Connect Members save $5.00!
Seating is limited to 20 participants.
Note: The 1st 10 registrants will be eligible for a drawing for a free 30-minute consultation by Rand!

Go here to register. 

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