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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Path Through An Open Throat: The Slinky Concept

Whether you are singing soft jazz, southern rock, a pop anthem, a country ballad or a screaming metal song, if you have a tight throat you...
  • ...will not have control of your voice (because your breath is overpowering)
  • ...will not have the best sound you can make (because of limited vocal resonance)
  • ...will not be freely connected and communicating with the audience (because you're feeling your throat)
  • ...and you will be gambling with vocal damage (because your vocal cords are being abused)
I think you can see from the above list that your open throat is synergistically connected to your breath and your performance. This is the magic of Power, Path & Performance vocal training.

With my vocal students, I use a Slinky to demonstrate several things. In this case, I'll use it to show you how to put your breath, open throat and communication together.

If you are operating the Slinky with both hands, think of the left hand as your breath power, centered in your pelvic floor. Think of the right hand as your performance. These two places are where the action should be, and the "path through the open throat" is represented by the freely moving , unobstructed and loose hump of the Slinky. No tension, just doing it's thing. Fun, isn't it? That's how singing should be!

For vocal training that puts everything together for your maximum vocal ability, book a Power, Path & Performance lesson in person or by phone, or get a cd training course.

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