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Friday, October 10, 2008

New music business networking meeting in Nashville

For those of you doing music business in Nashville: There is an interesting new music business networking meeting going on that you might like to check out. Vinny Ribas has put it together. He sent out a recent email that says:
Some of you know about my Music Industry Luncheons already, For those of you who don't, here is the scoop. I have just launched a weekly music industry luncheon series to teach independent artists how to be more successful without the help of a major label. The luncheons are every Monday at 11:30 AM at Corky's Ribs and BBQ in Brentwood. We feature a different speaker every week. The cost, including lunch, is $15.00. See http://www.indieconnect.net for info on the weekly speakers and to reserve your seats. Thanks! - Vinny Ribas"

If you are doing indie music, this may be something worth attending. I have been impressed with the "regular business" networking meeting Vinny hosts on Wednesdays at 11:30 (Corky's) ... business people of all kinds get up, say who they are and what they need, then get immediate referrals and responses of help from the others in the room. I'm assuming there will be plenty of this kind of networking at this new music business meeting. There may be some selling, as well (attender beware :).

Also, fyi... I will be the speaker for the meeting on Monday, October 20th.

...and yes, I'm still on vacation. I pre-posted this so you'd think I was working hard.



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