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Monday, May 19, 2008

Kim's comment on correcting forward head posture

Thanks to Kim Rushing for the following comment:

"I can't find the comment link
so here is my comment

great info!

many of us have "forward head posture", especially those of us who do the following: work at a computer, read a lot, are future focussed, play piano (i learned that putting the bench back farther from the piano helps with this--note to the singer/pianists out there! : )

i learned a great isometric exercise for fwd head posture--from my chiropractor/masseur/drummer husband:

stand about 3 feet from the wall, leaning back, put the back of your head Just at the top of your skull against the wall, you will be leaning on the wall with your head holding you. make sure you aren't sticking your chin out. hold for a minute or so. then stand up,
you will feel your head pull back into a neutral position--

this one reminds me of when we were kids, and we'd press the back of our hands against a door frame. then when one stepped out, the arms wd rise by themselves in reaction...

there is another one you can find on the internet called "breugger's position" not sure if i've spelled it right, but it's one to do at your desk to balance out the muscles which get over used sitting at desks..

thanks again for the info"

Note from Judy: for "Breugger's exercises see http://www.chiroweb.com/archives/14/20/04.html


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