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Monday, March 17, 2008

Byrd Burton passing

Our beloved Byrd Burton passed away March 10th. He will be greatly missed, because he has left a big hole in the world.

Byrd was chosen by Sam Phillips to be a session guitar player at his famous Memphis studio. Byrd also played with my husband John at the William B. Tanner jingle company in Memphis. One day Byrd mentioned to John that he was cutting some tracks with some guys and none of them knew what they were doing but it was fun. The "guys" and he became the 70's rock band "The Amazing Rhythm Aces" with such legendary hits as "Third Rate Romance" (remember the famous guitar lick?) and "The End Is Not In Sight". Byrd won grammys for both songs, and also as producer.

Not bad for "not knowing what he was doing"!

After the Aces, Byrd went on to major work in the recording studio and onstage with artists such as Nancy Griffith, Dan Fogelberg, Brooks & Dunn, Emmylou Harris, the Oak Ridge Boys and with me. It was so much fun for my husband and I to reconnect with Byrd... I wish I had a nickel for every belly laugh we all had on the road together! He flew me to some gigs in his precious little plane, and we all remember how manic he was about keeping baseball stats at the games! He would amaze and entertain our little son Peter on the bus by just being Byrd.

Oh, dear Byrd, I like to imagine what skies you are seeing now. You are now a part of the music of the spheres. May our thoughts and our actions make you proud of us till we join you.

You can check out the benefit fund for Byrd's medical expenses, and see great pics and other info about Byrd at www.byrdburton.com and at Mike Plunk's blog http://plunkchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/03/byrd-burton-1947-2008.html


  • At March 18, 2008 at 11:05 AM , Blogger Scarlett said...

    Steel player Robby Turner sent us a couple of Byrd stories what I've posted. They might make you smile.

    Diane Plunk


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