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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Recording engineer Ronny Light Tangles with Tornado

Community of true friends in the music business is never more important than when you run into trouble. Recording engineer and producer Ronny Light, trusted-friend-to-many of us, tangled with a tornado about two hours south of Nashville last night and lived to tell about it.

Ronny called me about 7pm and told me that a tornado had picked his car and the back end of an 18-wheeler up and slammed them together. The semi was coming head on. Miraculously, both Ronny and the truck driver walked out of the wreck with minor injuries. As I was trying to figure out how to go get him, he also called a couple of other music buddies and Roger Ball was already on his way to the rescue when I called Ronny back.

Ronny is resting (phone off the hook, hehehe) today, lucky to be alive. He is the type of friend who would be the first on the scene if any of us called him from the scene of any literal or figurative tornado we had run into. He has always made time to develop deep and lasting friendships, and now it finally was his time to be on the receiving end.

May we all remember how dear our friendships are. May we take the time to say "how are you" and mean it. Our business can be an isolating one; I've learned in the last few years that no man or woman can make it as an island. It does take time out of our busy schedules to actually join a community in a meaningful way, but what good is it to have successes or failures without those with whom we can share those experiences?

Too many times we are jealous of others' successes or we want to distance ourselves from those who seem to be failing. This is where love is a verb. And it's worth it. The music we make will be sweeter, and indeed when we look back on our lives, it's the love generated around the music that will have been the important thing.

Thank you, God, that you left Ronny with us a while longer. Thank you, Roger, for being the angel sent to rescue him from the disaster zone. And thank you, Ronny, for the honor of your friendship.

Now, there's got to be a country song about love, tornados and cellphones. Isn't there?



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