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Monday, October 1, 2007

Last Week at Huntington Ridge Drive!

OK, I'm really doing it... moving-my-office-day is this Friday, Oct 5th, vacation the 10th and I'll be back on the 16th.

I'm still doing voice lessons amid the boxes I'm packing... (thanks to my vocal student Darby Haas who brought 2o boxes over) so if you are scheduled, walk carefully so you don't trip- and forgive the clutter! I can't remember the last time I got in bed before 2:00am, so if you emailed me you might notice I am checking in the wee hours. In my spare time (!!??**) I have been writing Runaway Home songs manuscripts to send off to the people with the "Finale" software which turns it officially print-ready. My husband John (who was a professional drummer) is helping me figure out how to make the complicated rhythms easily read.

All I can say is, thank God for friends and family who are helping - it feels like and old fashioned barn raising (ok, if you're too young to understand this phrase, ask your grandparents) But it is going to be wonderful for all of us to have the room, sunlight, and scenery of this beautiful new place.

I will be going on vacation Oct 10th (which is nuts, trust me, my husband and I booked the vacation before we knew when my office was moving!) and will get back for lessons Oct 16th. I will have a laptop to check email sporadically while on vacation but will try to do this on a very limited basis (or my husband will kill me :) I so look forward to the trip; it's been way too long since I took off. St. Augustine is calling... and the ocean I grew up around. (Nashville thinks of itself as the Third Coast, but I'll be danged if I've seen any sandy beaches or salty water around here!

I'll be a better teacher/producer/writer for the break... Thanks to everyone for all the precious friendships and music made at Hunting Ridge Drive - See ya soon at Sherbrooke Court!



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