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Friday, August 3, 2007

Paul Potts: The impossible vocal success

It never could have happened. Everything was against it. But it did. As his website puts it, "In seven amazing days, Paul Potts went from selling mobile phones in Wales to "Britain's Got Talent" and signing a lucrative record deal with Simon Cowell".

Oh yes- he also has an album which is in it's second week at #1 on the UK charts, has had over 100,000 original visitor hits on his website (only a couple weeks since it went live), and is now scheduled to sing for the Queen.

Why is this man's music business success a miracle?
  • He is rather plain-looking
  • He has a shy, humble personality
  • He sings Opera!

BUT... Here's what the man DID have:

  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Determination to be himself and sing his own style
  • Training (He dedicated scarce funds to study classical voice in Italy)

Watch this You Tube video...Simon Cowell LOVED him.

True, there are other examples of artists sticking to their artistic guns and failing. It is important to listen to wise council and to be willing to explore new musical boundaries to see what indeed DOES fit you best. It's also important to know your definition of "artistic failure".

But I believe it is most important to know yourself, and to choose music that your heart can love and communicate. Otherwise it's all "sounding brass and tinkling cymbals"(1 Cor. 13), "sound and fury signifying nothing" (Shakespeare).

Hey... Don't you think it appropriate that this post contains a little Shakespeare?!



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