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Friday, July 13, 2007

Welcome to my new "All Things Vocal" Blog!

Hi there... You are now looking at my brand new blog!

I will be posting several times a week here on "All Things Vocal", just like on my old blog at http://judyrodman.blogspot.com/. That blog will remain up; it's full of vocal information you may wish to go back and read there.

Besides writing articles for this blog and recording audio for the corresponding podcast, I also will be publishing a newsletter about once a month.

What's the difference between my blog, podcast and newsletter? 

NEWSLETTER (best option):
  • The newsletter will contain news updates about myself and my clients' activities and performances, important announcements, links to favorite blog articles you may have missed and more. Please contact me with your news so I can share it in the newsletter. 
  • Plus, I will send out monthly 'All Things Vocal' blog and podcast updates through my newsletter, so you'll get links to the new episodes even if you don't directly subscribe to the blog or podcast.
  • The blog contains vocal training, tips and insights for singers, speakers, vocal coaches and studio producers. Most newer blogposts will also contain links to the podcast audio version if you prefer to listen.

How do you sign up for my All Things Vocal newsletter, blog and/or podcast? 

Note: I suggest you sign up for the newsletter, which will give you updates for everything.
  • Sign up to receive just blog updates (no newsletter) through this blog rss link
  • Sign up to receive podcast (not blog) updates at iTunes , Google PlayTuneIn Radio, Android, Podbean or wherever else you listen to podcasts.
I will guard your privacy and never share your information or spam you, and you can easily unsubscribe anytime.

Got vocal questions?

Let me know what you want me to write about here, will you? I intend to fill this blog with posts about what YOU want to know. I love the idea of community among music people; it's a hard world out there without friends! Click "comments" after each post to ask questions or give your viewpoints.

Keep in touch!



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