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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Indie Connect Monday: Digitally Protecting & Managing Copyrights

Hey all... this is a heads-up on an important meeting at Indie Connect Monday. If you are in or near Nashville and you are interested in copyrights, I recommend this meeting highly. 
The speaker will be Tim Smith, CEO of MyWerx
His presentation: 'Digital Copyright Protection and Management' .
Date: Monday January 17th
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm
Place: Corky's BBQ, 100 Franklin Rd, Brentwood Tn.
Cost:$10 plus your meal. Indie Connect Members pay $5 plus your meal.
As usual, the meeting will begin with intros and instant networking by all attendees present. Then Tim will begin his presentation and discussion of this topic. Here's some info on MyWerx:
When you begin to create you don't know which works will commercially develop to the point where a Library of Congress registration is justified. In addition, managing your copyrights, including everything from songs and master recordings to books and paintings, requires a completely separate system. Fortunately, in this digital age, that has now changed. In this presentation, Tim Smith will explain the basics of digital copyrights and digital copyright management, and introduce his company, MyWerx. 
MyWerx simple copyright management platform provides songwriters with WerxPost, a free database for managing their life's work, and WerxConnect, a social network that connects Creators and their collaborators to their work. The WerxProof web and iPhone applications deliver the best possible proof that you are the creator of your works. The evidence includes geolocation (where you were when you created it), dates and time stamps, who you created it with, and multiple copies of the work are easily stored and shared as the work develops. WerxProof provides superior evidence at the moment of creation at a cost everyone can afford so every work benefits. Later, if you choose to file your copyright with the Library of Congress, your WerxProof date of creation evidence is already established, saving you money, time and peace of mind. It's simple and better business.

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