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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friendly holiday reminders for singers

Friendly reminders for singers:
  • Getting ready for a road trip? Don't forget to take and pack your immune system enhancers such as Vibe, NRGize, Airborne, echinacea, epsom salts or other alternative medical therapies you've found by experience to work.
  • Getting ready for a holiday parties and family reunions? Getting ready for outside games or events? Don't forget to wear something which will protect your ears and your neck. Also... don't forget to bring water and stay well-hydrated.
  • Getting ready for holiday feasts? Don't forget to limit mucous-enhancing foods like rich cream-based sauces, heavy casseroles, fatty meat portions, excessive deserts, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. You CAN have some of these things, after all, even YOU can celebrate, but if you limit these heavy and toxic substances, you will be able to be in better voice. (Also better health). I say this as I wolf down a slice of my mother's traditional homemade pecan pie)
  • Getting ready for a holiday performance? Don't forget to warm up your voice with your vocal exercises!

May your Christmas and holiday season be merry and bright, filled with peace, hope and love. If you are having a hard season, may friends spring up all around you to help you carry your burdens, and may you be surprised by the comforting presence of God.

Love and blessing from my house to yours,


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